SpamJadoo uses the revolutionary ESP(Eliminate Spam at Protocol level) technology to build an unbreakable, fool-proof privacy layer around your mailbox. Now, only people you permit can send you e-mail.

Based on extensive research and analysis on email protocols and the way spammers work, it offers a complete framework to eliminate spam at source – even before it is sent. It represents over 25 person years’ R&D efforts, and the results speak for themselves.

Block spam

State of the art techniques (including SPF, DNSBL, DHA protection, SMTP Auth – over 100 rules across a dozen levels) are applied first. Then, a validation is run against your list of trusted senders. Spam always fails these checks, hence it is blocked – at the SMTP protocol level, without ever needing to inspect (or even receive) the content.

Allow genuine, trusted senders in

ESP incorporates automated processes to build and update your trusted senders’ list. The innovative JMail concept allows you to create rule-bound mail addresses – you can give these out without compromising your privacy in all situations (e.g. subscribe to a newsletter, purchase online, put on your business card). The challenge/response process is another mechanism to validate the genuine sender.

Works Transparently

You only need to choose the level of spam protection you desire. Everything else is done automatically by Spamjadoo’s self-maintaining, self-learning ESP engine. A full-featured Dashboard is available, but is needed to be used rarely. Fit and forget – the ESP technology makes this possible with Spamjadoo.

Privacy reduces spam

Our goal is a world free of spam. Spamjadoo is the only product that actively discourages spammers. The innovative ESP technology spreads a privacy layer around your mailbox that results in spammers taking you off their database and the amount of spam targeted at you reducing with time.