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DXTPL is focused on enhancing the infrastructure and tools available for business communication and collaboration. It provides a well integrated suite of products and services that work seamlessly together and support a wide spectrum of collaborative scenarios & more..

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Some facts

Why people choose us?

  • Compatible with all IDN Email Accounts
  • Real time protection
  • Super fast
  • Super accurate
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Why Spamjadoo is the best?

Get your Mail quickly with minimum effort. Servers are always fully secured.

Spamjadoo – Is world's First Antispam which is fully EAI (Email Address Internationalization) ready and IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) compliant software. The ULTIMATE spam eradication solution – presents a comprehensive and permanent fix to this problem. SpamJadoo is based on the revolutionary ESP (Eliminate Spam at Protocol level) technology, and presents a complete solution based on the privacy.

ESP incorporates automated processes to build and update your trusted senders’ list. The innovative JMail concept allows you to create rule-bound mail addresses – you can give these out without compromising your privacy in all situations (e.g. subscribe to a newsletter, purchase online, put on your business card). The challenge/response process is another mechanism to validate the genuine sender. Many more thoughtful techniques have been incorporated. The result : email privacy without ever losing bona-fide mails.
State of the art techniques (including SPF, DNSBL, DHA protection, SMTP Auth – over 100 rules across a dozen levels) are applied first. Then, a validation is run against your list of trusted senders. Spam always fails these checks, hence it is blocked – at the SMTP protocol level, without ever needing to inspect (or even receive) the content. This is the magic of ESP – spam is blocked before it can be sent !
You only need to choose the level of spam protection you desire. Everything else is done automatically by Spamjadoo’s self-maintaining, self-learning ESP engine. A full-featured Dashboard is available, but is needed to be used rarely. Fit and forget – the ESP technology makes this possible with Spamjadoo.
Our goal is a world free of spam. Spamjadoo is the only product that actively discourages spammers. The innovative ESP technology spreads a privacy layer around your mailbox that results in spammers taking you off their database and the amount of spam targeted at you reducing with time. Other anti-spam products check the mail AFTER receiving it – this encourages spammers to try harder, which results in more spam, more traffic, more server loads.

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