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DIL is focused on enhancing the infrastructure and tools available for business communication and collaboration. It provides a well integrated suite of products and services that work seamlessly together and support a wide spectrum of collaborative scenarios & more..

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Why people choose us?

  • Compatible with all IDN Email Accounts
  • Real time protection
  • Super fast
  • Super accurate
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“We are using Spamjadoo for all our subscribers and we are most satisfied that purchasing Spamjadoo was the correct choice. Spamjadoo has features to assist any situation with Spam. I am sure all the problems of any company can now be resolved with this software."Ershad Shafi Chowdhury Bangladesh Online Limited (BOL)

“We have an Anti Spam Solution … and are extremely satisfied with the quality of service & technical support. We look forward to a long business association.”Gaurav Jain Ratan Textiles

“We are quite impressed with the technology adopted.”Suneel Vohra CEO Shyam Telelink Limited

“We have been lucratively providing Anti Spam Solution to our data center customers at Spectra Net ISO 9001-2000, Tier Three Data Center since Dec, 2004. Our esteemed and venerated clients are enormously satisfied with the paramount quality of our services and technical support. We look forward to a long term business association.”

Raman Walia Manager Enterprise Business Solution Spectranet -PL

We originally contacted Datainfo Systems to aid with our spam problem. After working on solving that issue, we found that we had a great partner for customizing their SpamJadoo program for us as well as develop several custom applications that we}ve been desiging. The response is exemplary and the work is always to our specifications.Steven Sug Meritel USA

We have worked with hundreds of vendors in virtually all areas of software development and email privacy. No other partner comes close to the degree of dedication, focus, execution, and partnership that Data Infosys has consistently delivered.

Peter Kay Flat Earth Ventures USA

After getting Spamjadoo active on his domain I'm still getting some spam in my GMail account, but there's a lot less of it, and almost none of it is getting into my inbox: it's almost all going to the spam folder. Sometimes 10 minutes go by without a spam, which is a big improvement over having multiple spams every minute. Most of what's getting into my GMail spam folder now was sent directly to GMail.

The Sad Statistics: ( How bad is it? The Spam folder of my GMail account, which automatically deletes messages after 30 days, currently holds 46 thousand messages. Add in the spam filtered at my other servers and at my POP3 client, and I've filtered out over 100 thousand spam messages a month.

Martin Heller Stretegic Developer

We have been using XGenplus, This advanced mail service offered by DATA Infocom Ltd. We found it to be highly valuable and appropriate for large as well small and medium organizations. SpamJadoo we integrated with Xgen and this combination is ultimate. We solved 99% spam/virus problem on email. I congratulate Data Infocom, for developing such an email system and wish them all the success in this project.

Your Feedback about support team: -Getting good support from support team. Understanding our problems & difficulties and resolving on proper manner.

Wishing all the best. Mr. K. R. Lal Luxor New Delhi

Spamjadoo MTNL certificate - 2008

Spamjadoo MTNL certificate - 2009

Spamjadoo MTNL certificate - 2009

Why Spamjadoo is the best?

Get your Mail quickly with minimum effort. Servers are always fully secured.

Spamjadoo – the ULTIMATE spam eradication solution – presents a comprehensive and permanent fix to this problem. SpamJadoo is based on the revolutionary ESP (Eliminate Spam at Protocol level) technology, and presents a complete solution based on the privacy.

ESP incorporates automated processes to build and update your trusted senders’ list. The innovative JMail concept allows you to create rule-bound mail addresses – you can give these out without compromising your privacy in all situations (e.g. subscribe to a newsletter, purchase online, put on your business card). The challenge/response process is another mechanism to validate the genuine sender. Many more thoughtful techniques have been incorporated. The result : email privacy without ever losing bona-fide mails.
State of the art techniques (including SPF, DNSBL, DHA protection, SMTP Auth – over 100 rules across a dozen levels) are applied first. Then, a validation is run against your list of trusted senders. Spam always fails these checks, hence it is blocked – at the SMTP protocol level, without ever needing to inspect (or even receive) the content. This is the magic of ESP – spam is blocked before it can be sent !
You only need to choose the level of spam protection you desire. Everything else is done automatically by Spamjadoo’s self-maintaining, self-learning ESP engine. A full-featured Dashboard is available, but is needed to be used rarely. Fit and forget – the ESP technology makes this possible with Spamjadoo.
Our goal is a world free of spam. Spamjadoo is the only product that actively discourages spammers. The innovative ESP technology spreads a privacy layer around your mailbox that results in spammers taking you off their database and the amount of spam targeted at you reducing with time. Other anti-spam products check the mail AFTER receiving it – this encourages spammers to try harder, which results in more spam, more traffic, more server loads.

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