Patented Technology

SpamJadoo announces the successful patenting of cutting-edge anti-spam technology. The technology provides efficient, high-level detection of unwanted messages in Emails.The patent details a way to trick filters that compare digital messages to known pieces of spam, altering each message so that no two are exactly the same.Powered by patented technology, Spamjadoo examines and filters millions of possible spam attributes in every email to prevent spam emails, attachment-based spam (including PDF and image-based spam), while automatically filtering and adapting to new spam attacks as they appear.

Features That We patented

Eliminate Spam at Protocol Level

ESP - The technology that enables Spamjadoo to work its magic is ESP
Protocol - ESP implements the SMTP protocol.

It’s magic !

Layer - Remember all this occurs at the Spamjadoo layer – before the email server.
Types - It is available both as a hosted service & application..

Record Checking

DNS - Spamjadoo is capable to check whether the sender domain has a valid DNS record.
Configuration - This setting may be configured by administrator.

Challenge Response

Automation - An integrated, automated challenge-response system is another highlight of ESP.
Validation - Genuine (but as yet unknown) senders can validate themselves.