What category does Spamjadoo fit into ? Does it filter ? Is it challenge-response ? Is it disposable mailboxes?
It is a completely new approach to spam elimintation, based on the provacy principle. Its innovative ESP (Eliminate Spam at Protocol level) technology incorporates some traditional methods, but it should be seen as of a completely different genre – let’s just say it is a new class of anti-spam products.
How is this different and better than everything else out there?
Spamjadoo is the only product that works at the SMTP protocol level, and hence can block spam even before it can be sent ! It is the only product that provides you the best of all worlds – you get no spam, you never lose a mail from a trusted sender, and you need to make virtually no effort.
Will this work with my email software like Outlook, Eudora or Entourage?
YES! SPAMJadoo works with ANY email client because it runs at the mail server level which also means that you don’t have to install any software on your PC.
What is a JMail box?
It's a virtual email box that looks and works like any other mailbox, except that you decide how it can be used by assigning rules to it.
How does it work?
A JMail address is a rule bound email address which lets you make rules on who can send you email. Any sender that violates your rules is not allowed to send email to you.
Is a JMail account complicated to use?
Not at all. You just use email the way you normally do. Except you can create different JMail addresses. And give these out when you need to, for example when a Web site asks for your address. Now you're in control.
How does it prevent companies from selling my email address?
It doesn't prevent them from selling your address, but it makes your JMail address worthless to the company that paid for it. This is because you can create a JMail and specify as it rule : "this can be only used by the company I give it to". And it won't work for any company that violates that rule.
How does SPAMJadoo know if someone is violating my conditions or not?
JMail addresses are smart as their usage is tracked by a database and anyone that uses the email address, is compared against those that have already used it. Your policies are applied against this collection to determine whether or not the email should be accepted.
What can I do if I start getting unwanted email?
That's really up to you. Lets say for instance you subscribed to a newsletter that did not respect your subsequent request to unsubscribe. All you do then is simply disable that JMail and they are gone. If that JMail is being used by many other people or company that you don't want to affect, you can just disable the JMail for that one company. If you created a "wide open" JMail, you can just lock it, and the people that used it can continue to use it, but no one else can.
How do I protect my existing email address?
You decide and can change your mind anytime. If you have an old email address that gets a lot of spam, you can request that anyone you don't know first prove they are person and not a mass-email program before they can send you mail.If you have a new email address that does not get spam but you want to protect yourself against future spam and unwanted email, you can continue using your regular email address alongside new JMail addresses you create for various reasons.
Why is this better than aliases or "disposable" email addresses?
You can't assign a usage policy to an alias. Aliases don't enforce your policy by bouncing violating email. You can't stop someone from using an alias. But you can do all these things with a JMail address.The problem with disposable addresses is that the only thing you can do is dispose them. And when you do that, you stop getting all the good email that is normally sent to that address !You can use a JMail address just like a disposable, except that when it gets tainted you don't have to dispose it off. In fact, you continue controlling who can use it, when, and how, via policies. This means that if a JMailbox starts getting unwanted mail, you can lock it down and stop unwanted mail yet continue receiving mails from senders you trust.
How do I subscribe to newsletters and order confirmations?
Easy. Just provide a JMailbox address to the newsletter or ecommerce web site – if you want to use a new Jmail address, first create it using the web dashboard interface. Newsletters and order confirmations flow straight to your inbox. You don't have to know their email address in advance or anything.
Can I get email from legitimate people I don't know without forcing them to use Challenge/Response?
Of course! Just give out your appropriate JMail address. Else, set the spam control setting to a more tolerant level.
How many JMail Addresses can I have?
As many as you want. There’s no limit.
What kinds of policies can I assign to my JMail Address?
There's a lot of variations. Basically you can make a JMail work for a given company only, a given person only, a number of companies, or a number of people. And you can "lock" a JMail which only lets in those that used it already (and no one else), disable a JMail so that no one can use it, or disable a JMail after a certain number of days.
How does Spamjadoo stop spam before it's even sent?
Email is sent in two steps: In step one, the sender connects to your email server and tells it your address and their address. In step two, your email server allows the sender to transmit the email contents. SPAMJadoo never lets spammers (or anyone else that doesn't respect your policies) get past step 1.
What happens when spammers get a hold of my JMail Address?
That depends on the policy you have in effect. For example if that JMail has a policy to be used only by the organization you gave it to, then spammers can't do anything with it.If you have an "wide open" policy on that JMail, then when you do receive your first spam, you can change the policy on your JMail making it unspammable. For example, you can "lock" it so that only those that have already used it can continue to use it. Or if you want to be a little more flexible, you can require that new senders prove they are a person.Of course, you can always disable it, but you don't have to be that severe because you have a lot more control than ever before.
How does this install in our network?
SPAMJadoo becomes your organization's primary MX and then it relays clean incoming email to your existing email servers. Outgoing mail has to pass through SPAMJadoo which then relays it through your existing email server for final delivery.
Do all our users have to use it?
NO! Each user can make their own decision if they want to stop spam or not. And each user also gets to decide how to stop spam. You can have as few as one, or as many as all of the users within a given domain.
How do users get started?
Users self-subscribe via a Web interface. We supply utilities that allow them to upload their white list of known senders. Users are advised usually to use SPAMJadoo in a "passive" mode that shows them which email will get rejected and which mail will come through without actually acting on it. Once the user feels comfortable that SPAMJadoo is doing its job, they flip a switch and spam is gone forever.
How do users control the product?
SPAMJadoo is controlled by a Web interface that supports end-user, domain administrators, and server administrators. Practically everything is run from the Web. Most of the control, however, is automatic, as SPAMJadoo builds its database from user policies and email sent and received.
Can Spamjadoo stop Viruses and Worms too?
Spamjadoo can integrate with any SMTP level antivirus or command line virus scanner like CLAM and stop the viruses before it gets into the email server.
Can I talk to few customers and take their feedback about Spamjadoo?
Yes, we will be happy to align you with desired customers and you are free to talk and take feedback. You may also see testimonials section for your satisfaction.
Do you have any industry recognitions for Spamjadoo?
Yes, IBM has showcased Spamjadoo in all industry verticals on IBM Site.See at http://www-304.ibm.com/jct09002c/gsdod/solutiondetails.do?solutionId=22958&lc=en on IBM site.You may also like to visit news and articles sections for latest news..
What is the maximum numbers of emails per day Spamjadoo can handle and has been tested?
Spamjadoo has been tested and running live to handle more than 2 million emails per day with over one lac (100000) users.
What is the hardware configuration required for five lac emails per day?
To handle approx. five lac (500000) emails per day with an average size of 100KB per mail, server class machine with DUAL CPU XEON / PIV with 2 GB RAM will be sufficient.
Do you provide email / telephonic support?
Yes, we do provide 8 hours standard hours support FREE to all our customers and after that if you desired 24x7, its available with additional cost and contract.
Can spamjadoo block emails having unwanted attachments like EXE or PIF ?
Yes, If you do not want emails with some attachments like PIF or SCR extension, Spamjadoo can block emails with those specified attachments.
Do you provide hosted antispam service also?
Yes, contact us, we will provide you the hosted antispam solution.
Can I block emails having specific keywords into the message?
Yes, Spamjadoo also has filtering engine, and can stop the messages before they successfully get received by Spamjadoo for delivery to Inbox. The settings can be done by domain administrator.
Do we get latest filtering technology like Bayesian with Spamjadoo.
Yes, Spamjadoo comes fully integrated with Bayesian filtering technology. This Bayesian filtering engine is fully integrated with Spamjadoo and works just before the email is about to deliver to Inbox.
We are hosting multiple domains for emails and we want to control the traffic of emails for each domain. No email server provides the rate control facility. Can we do the rate limits to control the traffic for any domain?
Yes, We call it traffic control feature into Spamjadoo. You can set a domain level setting and configure Spamjadoo to receive only limited number of emails for the specific domain in a particular day/hour/minute.
We don’t want to receive unlimited number of emails from a particular IP addresses. We want to control that how many emails one unique IP can send to us. Can we control this?
Yes, you can control number of emails to be received in a particular minute from unique IP address. Server can automatically keep control over the traffic each IP and if traffic is more, Spamjadoo can force the sending IP to queue at their level and resend after predefined interval. This is great feature in ISP and Hosting Company like scenario.
We don’t want to allow unlimited number of emails sent from an internal user. We want to control that how many emails every email address can send to others. Can we control this? Example: My internal domain is mydomain.com and my users like users@mydomain.com should not be allowed to send more than 200 emails a day.
Yes, you can control number of emails to be sent by every internal email address. Spamjadoo gets notified by its uniquely designed log-parser-plugin for the count of emails sent by the outbound SMTP and Spamjadoo uses that notification to block the further sendig of the emails. This is great feature in ISP and Hosting Company like scenario, where users start using the service provider SMTP servers for unlimited spam.
We don’t want to allow emails to be sent by unauthenticated users. We want them to authenticate and then only they should be allowed to send the email. Can we block emails which are sent by unauthenticated users.
Yes, just enable "Allow External" on domain settings using dashboard control panel for your domain and enable SMTPUTH in Server Configuration file. All the emails sent by yourdomail.com will be subject to authentication from SMTP server. SMTP-AUTH supports PLAIN LOGIN and secured password authentication using CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5, NTLM . SPAMJADOO IS UNIQUE ANTISPAM TO OFFER CRAM-MD5 , DIGEST-MD5, NTLM for outbound emails.
We are service provider and we want to offer different Class of Services of Antispam to different users and organizations. Is it possible to define different class of service for each user.
Yes, as an domain administrator you can create different policy based on unique class of services and assign those policies to each user separately. You can also set a default policy so that the policy may automatically be assigned to each user.
We have some Very important domains (ie. Head office servers, important customers, Govt. email servers etc) and we want to have a priority delivery from them and should not be queued in normal delivery. Example: Delivery all emails from @gov.in on priority
By configuring your priority domains or their IP addresses, Spamjadoo can pickup the traffic from those domains and IP addresses at network layer and route them through different queue or priority delivery servers.
I am amazed with the answers, Can I get the demo?
Yes, we would be happy to provide demo. Just send your request.