Spam is today a huge cost – and growing rapidly. According to Industry estimates, over $25 billion are lost per year in just the time spent by users to delete spam. At least 70% of all emails are spam, and the percentage shoots up at times to over 90%.

A study published by COMPUTERWORLD estimated the average cost incurred by businesses towards lost user productivity at $1625 a year – after spam filters were installed. This study also found that IT staffers spent another 4.5 hours per week on the problem.

The continuing failure of the many anti-spam products pointed to the need for an innovative “out of the box” approach to the problem.breitling replica rolex replicas cheap

Spamjadoo – the ULTIMATE spam eradication solution – presents a comprehensive and permanent fix to this problem. SpamJadoo is based on the revolutionary ESP (Eliminate Spam at Protocol level) technology, and presents a complete solution based on the privacy paradigm.

Complete Protection

Spamjadoo applies almost a dozen levels of checks and validations to every mail before letting it through to your Inbox. The powerful ESP engine incorporates over 100 rules at the server, domain and user levels. A highly optimized architecture ensures virtually no delay in mail delivery.

Unique Privacy Approach

While other products use either content filtering or challenge/response, ESP applies a protocol level privacy layer around your mailbox. This unique preventive approach gives you complete protection from spam. Innovative methods are provided to ensure the privacy layer only blocks spammers,

Highest Productivity

With content-filtering products, false positives and false negatives occur almost by definition. You continue to waste time deleting the spam that still gets through. And, you waste even more time browsing the Junk mail folder for the occasional genuine mail.

Spam Blocked At Source

Other products process the spam after receiving the spam. The revolutionary ESP technology works at the SMTP protocol level. Hence, SpamJadoo is the only product that blocks (not filters out) spam, and, can do this without even receiving the spam.

A world without spam

Spamjadoo is the only product that actively discourages spammers – and leads to a spam-free world. Other products actually encourage spammers. The ESP technology ensures you are targeted lesser spam on a daily basis. Compare this with content-filter based products that invite spammers..

Flexibility to suit your working style

Other products have a limiting or one-size fits all approach. Spamjadoo provides a range of spam protection levels, and support for a variety of usage scenarios and operating styles. Hence, spam control can be customized to best suit the way YOU work. You choose how secure you wish to be, how much privacy you desire, how you want the world to communicate with you without violating privacy.

No Effort Required

Spamjadoo is practically transparent, and requires almost no effort to update or maintain, either by the users or by Network admin staff. Trusted senders, white/black lists, challenge/response are all handled by Spamjadoo’s self-learning, self-maintaining and self-optimizing engine.