SpamJadoo blocks spam at the level of the email transport protocol (SMTP). This is the unique aspect of SpamJadoo – other anti-spam solutions operate at the content level. Working at the protocol level enables SpamJadoo to “magically” stop spam before it is even sent !The technology that enables Spamjadoo to work its magic is ESP (Eliminate Spam at Protocol level). Let’s understand how it works.

SMTP protocol

Under the SMTP protocol, the sending server first attempts to establish connection with the receiving server – at this time the sender id and recipient id are sent across. ESP establishes at this point whether the sender is trustworthy or not. For this, over a hundred checks across almost a dozen levels are run to validate the sender. If the sender is not found trustworthy, a “hard bounce” results and the connection is closed. This leads to the sending server informing the sender that the intended recipient does not exist. And, all this has occurred before the email content is even sent ! The specifics may vary with the protection level setting chosen by the user. In some cases, a retry later message (smtp error 450) is sent first; if the retry is unsuccessful, the hard bounce (smtp error 550) is sent. The multiple checks that are run include DHA, SPF, SMTP Auth, reverse DNS, blacklist/whitelist check, Senders Domain MX check, Blocking of specific attachments, and many more. Despite the complexity, the engine is super-fast and adds virtually no delay to the mail transport.

Block Specific Attachments : EXE, PIF, SCR,ASPX etc.

Now Spamjadoo is capable to block the emails with specific attachments like EXE, PIF, SCR,ASPX etc before receiving them into the network. These kind of attachments are discarded before they reach you. Again it happens at protocol level.. magically !!.

JMail accounts

The JMail sub-system is another unique, revolutionary and thoughful feature of ESP. It allows custom JMail accounts to be created as programmable extensions to your mail account, and rules to be assigned to each such account. You can then invite trusted senders into your mailbox without compromising your privacy. Even if a trusted sender’s computer is hacked, or address book data (including your JMail id) is stolen, the JMail account is not accessible to anyone else without your permission. And the JMail accounts can be configured by you in a variety of ways to support common usage scenarios – newsletter subscription and online shopping are just two examples.In fact, JMail accounts offer a powerful way for you to sort and organize your incoming mail, without incurring the inconvenience of managing multiple mail accounts and Inbox folders.

It’s magic !

Remember all this occurs at the Spamjadoo layer – before the email server. You now understand why users call this "magical", and why we claim to "block spam even before it is sent".The ESP architecture works impeccably with all email protocols and servers. It is available both as a hosted service, as well as an application you can download and install on your server.