Encrypt Your Email

Encrypted email has become an operational necessity in today’s competitive digital business environment. Email encryption protects private, sensitive and valuable information communicated via email. Email encryption can be deployed using email encryption software, secure email servers or secure webmail centers.

Email Encryption

Effective-Sapmjadoo email encryption can be placed at different points in your email network to meet your unique security requirements.
End-to-End Security- If you are seeking risk mitigation, you should consider how to protect information at all times, end-to-end, or, “desktop-to-recipient”.End-to-end security is needed to get your Emails safe.

Key Features

Standards Based-Enables true end-to-end email encryption using OpenPGP and S/MIME message formats.
Integration -Works with standard email clients such as Outlook and Lotus Notes.
Management -Integrated management includes:Extensive reporting and logging
Multiple recovery options

Key Benefits

Secure – Encrypts email at the client rather than the mail server or gateway, helping ensure only authorized users can access content.
User Friendly – Improves policy and regulatory compliance without hindering productivity..
Fast –Operates as a proxy to increase performance while removing the need for application or version-specific plug-ins.


Visibility - Assure your customers, partners, and employees that emails tagged to contain sensitive data will not be visible to prying eyes.
Easy To Use - Spamjadoo Email Encryption provides an easy-to-use secure communication channel to encrypt both outgoing email and replies, even if your recipient doesn’t have an encryption solution in place.