Spamjadoo offers powerful, privacy policy-based email security encryption services that mitigate the email security risks associated with regulatory violations, data loss and corporate email compliance policy violations, without adversely impacting business operations. Spamjadoo is the ideal email encryption service for any corporate organization that needs to protect and secure sensitive email messages, while still making secure email messages readily available to appropriate affiliates, business partners and end users—on their desktops and mobile devices. Spamjadoo also have advanced heuristics to provide real-time email protection against viruses, spyware, phishing, and other malicious attacks.


Simple to Administer

Simplicity - Effective security for sensitive email messages
Security - infrastructure costs typically associated with secure email messaging

Key Features

Easy to Use - It operates transparently to end users
Requirement - Doesn't required downloads for maintenance of desktop clients


Simplified configuration - Simple configuration with low management-overhead
User control - Full user control with no user installation required.

Mail security

Management - It provides management of mail security
Protection - Real-time detection Provide immediate protection from outbreaks