EAI Ready Antispam Software

For Spamjadoo enterprise antispam solution to be UA-ready, it needed to support both internationalized email and IDNs. This required updating all existing components and algorithms. Critical to the process was updating all algorithms in conjunction with accurately testing the solutions. Spamjadoo began the process prior to other EAI solutions becoming available on the market. This meant there were no other experiences for EAI acceptance, validation, storage, processing and display. Leveraging the years of experience in email systems, the Spamjadoo software development team looked at the existing source code of its solution as well as existing EAI references such as relevant requests for comments (RFCs) and ICANN UA guidelines. They also factored in their overall understanding of general issues faced by the Internet community to develop a workable solution to allow users to send and receive emails from people who have non-Latin characters and ensure that they are not marked/treated as Spam or Junk.

Through our next-generation secure and affordable antispam platforms, we serves organizations of all types and sizes with a vision to be a global, innovative leader in the antispam marketplace.