January 2009 -Spamjadoo gets covered as promising antispam software from Indian soils.
The 2002-born Spamjadoo, which claims to offer a one-of-its-kind spam elimination mechanism, counts among its clients the Reserve Bank of India (Mysore), JK Cement, MTNL Mumbai and Delhi, and Spectranet Delhi. Its founder, Dr Ajay Data, is a strong proponent of the power of Indian product firms.“Corporate clients have become extremely price-sensitive today, especially in light of the events following the global meltdown. From the perspective of a small Indian firm, paying dollars for a foreign software not only eats into its resources; exchange rate instabilities also cause delays and hassles in updates and maintenance.”He adds, “We’ve worked with clients who want to switch over from Trend Micro, Cloudmark and McAfee to our solution on grounds of performance and costs. In addition, during the last few months, we’ve seen inquiries jump between 10-15% and it is possible this is linked to the cost cutting wave in India and abroad.”Spamjadoo is adopting a two-pronged strategy to capture a significant share of the $20 billion global anti-spam market. It is relying on a competitive pricing strategy (with a hosted license fee of about Rs 200 a month) and deals with companies such as HCL, Wipro and IBM (currently in the pipeline) to reach out to a wide range of corporates through their portfolio offerings. Spamjadoo is also revamping its website to reach out to more international clients. It currently earns about Rs 2 crores in overseas revenues a year.
September 2009 - Spamjadoo is now offered by IBM through IBM Smart Cube
Spamjadoo - Ultimate Spam Protection 9.1 Spamjadoo offers complete gateway level protection to prevent spam from entering your email server. Based on a unique Privacy paradigm, it is vastly superior to content-filter based products.Now Spamjadoo supports secured Password Authentication (SPA) for outbound emails and automatically stops brute force attack. The multiple checks that are run includes DHA, SPF, SMTP Auth, reverse DNS, blacklist/white list check, Senders Domain MX check, Blocking of specific attachments etc.What makes Smart Cube different? IBM Smart Cubes are easy to install and maintain. You get the cube, open the box, plug in the network cable, power-on the system and you will be up and running in less than one hour. The business application you purchased is downloaded to the Smart Cube from Smart Market. IBM provides first level of support for the entire pre-integrated solution. Each Smart Cube features the Smart Desk which makes it easy to manage--it does not require IT expertise. Smart Desk provides administration functions, automatic software upgrades, and the ability to add more applications directly from the IBM Smart Market.
November 2009 - Spamjadoo Get’s appreciate from MTNL Mumbai.
November 2009 - Spamjadoo Get’s appreciate from MTNL Delhi.
October 2008 - Spamjadoo Get’s appreciation from MTNL Mumbai.
July 2008 - Homegrown software firm Spamjadoo keeps the inbox intact - The Economic Times
They say technology brings people closer. But how close do you really want to get to a credit card salesman, a 'discount drugs' pharmacist or a chain mailer? Spammers have not just made the Internet a more unpleasant place. Taking the fight back to the spammers is a small Indian company that calls itself Spamjadoo.Spamjadoo was born in 2002, but its roots go back to 1999 when Data Infocom Limited (DIL) was founded by-believe it or not-a young techie called Dr Data, and that too in Jaipur, known more for its breathtaking palaces than IT whizkids
Feb 2008 - Now supports 64 bit Hardware and OS.
Spamjadoo has been migrated in MTNL from 32bin linux and IBM server to 64 bit IBM Server (p5 series) and Redhat ES Linux 5 (64 bit). Now Spamjadoo has been tested successfully on IBM Java, with a performace of 10000 messages per second.
October 2007 - "Its unique way of validating e-mail ensures better performance"
June 2007 - Spamjadoo became first to block PDF based spam
Spamjadoo antispam research team detected at least two forms of the PDF spam campaigns: 1) full documents resembling investment analyst reports of reputable firms, and 2) image-only PDF files resembling the image spam attacks introduced in 2006. Spamjadoo ESP technology allows blocking PDF spam without analyzing the content, and still ensuring ZERO chance of lossing the desired email.
April 2007 - Spamjadoo got WOW in US
Dr Ajay Data CEO and Mr. Nitin Walia CMO Data Infocom showcased Spamjadoo in US at Software 2007 and TiEcon 2007. They were in US Santa Clara as a member of the Indian Delegation of Emerging & Innovative companies to the US.
Feb 2007 - Spamjadoo Software is redhat READY
Spamjadoo got Listed on redhat Enterprise & Advanced Server
Oct 2006 - IBM selected Spamjadoo for Showcase
Spamjadoo got selected as IBM Business Partner Application Showcase and available through IBM website as antispam solution.
Sep 2006 - Spamjadoo does the samba
Dr Ajay Data, President and CEO Data Infocom, presented Spamjadoo to a large audience in Brazil. He was in Brazil as a member of the Indian delegation accompanying the Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh to the IBSA.
Aug 2006 - Bangladesh goes Online on Spamjadoo
Bangladesh Online, the largest ISP in the country, signs up for Spamjadoo’s magic for all their customers.
June 2006 – Spamjadoo shows shades of big blue
Spamjadoo validated by IBM, certified IBM Server PROVEN, and listed in the IBM Global Solutions Directory.
May 2006 – NASSCOM hails Spamjadoo innovation
The 2006 edition of the prestigious “Showcase of Innovative Companies” published by NASSCOM included Spamjadoo amongst 72 most innovative IT companies of India.
March 2006 - Spamjadoo Gets into Hardware Appliance
Spamjadoo is now also available as antispam appliance (in various models) , catering to organization to less then 100 User to 50,000 Users.
Mar 2006 – Spamjadoo wears a Red Hat
After through testing and evaluation, Red Hat listed Spamjadoo in its global Red Hat SoftwareCatalog.
Feb 2006 – i.t. Magazine showcases Spamjadoo
The INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (i.t.) Magazine did a special on spam, and covered several products. It found that “Spamjadoo is the technology that is engineered to solve the root cause of spam. Spam is stopped before it is even sent to the receiver.”
Sept 2005 – LFY hails Spamjadoo
Linux For You magazine featured a detailed 3 page coverage of Spamjadoo. “So, indigenous and innovative software like Spamjadoo need to be welcomed as affordable and effective solutions to a problem that seems to be growing each day.”